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Denied admission to Canada?

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One of the areas of practice for Newman & Associates PC is assisting an individual who has been denied admission to Canada. In recent years, the Canadian Immigration authorities have begun to enforce a strict no admission policy to US citizens who have a criminal record. This can be a misdemeanor or a felony conviction. Often the offense is a minor misdemeanor such as OUIL or petty theft. This can present a serious problem for the individual waiting to enter into Canada as once the Canadian Immigration authorities (CIC) make the decision to not admit an individual, that individual is barred from entering Canada until an application for re-admission is presented and approved.  Our firm, conveniently located near three US-Canada border crossings boasts a high level of success with the filing of Temporary Residency Permits [TRP] and Applications for Rehabilitation to Canada. These are the proper processes used to get our clients back into Canada legally. The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and the Ambassador Bridge form the busiest crossing between the United States and Canada. The Blue Water Bridge located at the Port Huron, Sarnia, Ontario border is the third Detroit Metropolitan Area entrance point between the US and Canada. Buffalo and Niagara Ontario are a distant second place in numerical crossings.

When denied admission to Canada, it can be, and often is after a prolonged period after a criminal or traffic offense. Our web site has a separate page on how Newman & Associates PC can assist in developing the strategy, and preparing the application and the client for readmission to Canada. Contact us at Immigrationlogic.com for information on your particular case. Our phone number is 800.392.7684.