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Re Enter Canada


Are you inadmissible to Canada because of past criminal activity in the United States? If so, you are unable to re enter Canada until you have applied for and received permission to re enter Canada. This process, obtaining “Criminal Rehabilitation” or a Temporary Resident Permit is an administrative process with Citizenship and Immigration Canada [CIC]. Under current Canadian law, any previous conviction for a misdemeanor or felony can result in an immediate determination that you are inadmissible.

Any individual who is convicted of a crime in the United States must receive the Minister’s Approval of Rehabilitation before entering Canada. Rehabilitation permanently can change your status from inadmissible.

Generally, you are eligible to apply for rehabilitation if you have been convicted of a felony with a maximum punishment of ten years or less. Most misdemeanors committed in the United States do render an individual inadmissible to Canada. However with a misdemeanor conviction, it is recommended that one evaluate the possibility of successfully petitioning for a rehabilitation to re enter Canada.

For a United States citizen to be eligible for a successful filing of an application for rehabilitation, depending on the type of crime that has made you inadmissible, there might be a mandatory waiting period prior to filing an application for rehabilitation.

If your conviction in the United States had been pardoned, expunged, or otherwise dismissed, you might not be required to file for rehabilitation. If these are the facts in your case, we are often able to document the history of the crime as well as the ultimate disposition of it. The full case history must then be presented to the Citizenship Immigration Canada.

For unexpected or emergency cases where you need to travel to Canada, however you cannot or have not been able to apply to enter Canada because not enough time has elapsed since your offense or the end of your sentence, there might still be a way to have you temporarily admitted to Canada for a temporary purpose and a temporary period of time. Cases such as these are meticulously prepared and submitted for handling by CIC on a case by case basis. At ImmigrationLogic, we have been highly successful in having Temporary Residence Permits granted for many of our clients.

At ImmigrationLogic.com, our experienced immigration attorneys can help. Our firm, located within minutes of the Detroit – Windsor border is experienced in the compiling of proper and professional applications for your re entry to Canada. We represent clients from a cross section of the United States, and from states as varied as California, Texas, IL, New York, New Jersey, Florida and all regions in between.

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