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Overcoming Criminal Inadmissibility to Canada: The Temporary Residency Permit

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If you wish to work in or even briefly visit Canada, any prior criminal conviction can pose a barrier to entering the country. In the past, many tourists from the United States have learned the hard way that even a single minor conviction from many years ago can render them ‘inadmissible’ to Canada on the basis of criminal concerns. With ski season approaching it is a good time to consider your options. Currently, steps can be taken to overcome your inadmissibility to Canada.           

For individuals with one or more criminal convictions, a popular way to come to Canada on a temporary basis is to apply for and receive a Temporary Residency Permit (TRP). Last year, over 12,000 TRPs were issued to new temporary residents in Canada, including visitors, workers, and students.

What is a Temporary Residency Permit (TRP)?

A TRP is a government document that is issued to a foreign national for a set period of time. During that time period, it allows the holder to enter and reside in Canada temporarily despite their criminal record.

A TRP can be issued for any length of time up to three years, and you can then apply to extend this time period from within Canada. Individuals applying for Canadian Permanent Residency can apply for this document for a short-term stay, but must pursue an application for complete Criminal Rehabilitation in order to enter Canada on a more permanent basis

Who Needs a TRP?

Remember, even the most minor misdemeanor, regardless of how old it is, can prevent your admission to Canada. However, any individual who wishes to come to Canada temporarily and is considered inadmissible may be eligible for a TRP.

Individuals with both summary and indictable offenses (known as misdemeanors and felonies in the United States) may follow the same application procedure. Of course, individuals with multiple or serious offenses will need to present a stronger case for entering Canada than individuals with a single minor conviction. This is what we at ImmigrationLogic.com will evaluate and advise on.

How to Obtain a TRP

The most common way to obtain a TRP is to apply through a Canadian Visa Office or Canadian Port of Entry. The core of the TRP application is to present an argument that an individual:

  1. Has a compelling reason to enter Canada; and,
  2. Their reason to enter Canada outweighs possible risks to Canadians.

There are a number of ways to achieve these two points, and like many legal applications that are adjudicated with discretion, the exact formulation and presentation of the application is critical.

A criminal conviction is not the end of one’s plans to come to Canada.  Careful preparation of an application for a Temporary Residence Permit, and/or an Application for Rehabilitation can result in a trouble free admission to Canada, for business or pleasure.

For our assistance in applying for a TRP, contact us at 800-392-7684 or at www.ImmigrationLogic.com